Dr. Hakan Doğanay

Dr. Hakan Doğanay

Dr. Hakan Doganay has carved a remarkable niche in the world of hair transplantation, demonstrating exceptional skill in the intricate FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. Graduating from Selcuk Medical University in 1993, his journey into the realm of hair restoration commenced.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2006 when Dr. Doganay immersed himself in the FUE technique. This revolutionary approach involved using micro-motor tools to extract hair follicles, minimizing scars in the donor region and ensuring minimal damage to these precious units during the extraction process.

By 2009, Dr. Doganay had assumed the prestigious position of head doctor at Aspedos Hospital’s hair restoration department. His expertise transcended the FUE realm; he became a specialist in BHT (Body Hair Transplantation), harnessing hair from unconventional sources such as the beard, chest, and other regions on the scalp.

Dr. Doganay’s patient selection process stands as a testament to his meticulousness. Recognizing that the FUE technique is not universally applicable, he selectively chooses candidates who are best suited for this procedure. His surgical approach is characterized by its systematic nature, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that guarantees optimal outcomes.

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The Art of Implanter Pen Application

A master of innovation, Dr. Doganay employs the Implanter pen technique, a method that requires precision and skill. Working in tandem with his experienced team, he strategically places grafts in the recipient area. This delicate process, executed with finesse, involves using CHOI implanter pens ranging from 0.6mm to 0.8mm in diameter. The result is a placement technique that minimizes the potential for graft damage during this crucial phase.

Leveraging the Choi Implanter Pen

The merits of the Choi implanter pen have been subject to discourse within the field, yet Dr. Doganay sees its advantages. He firmly believes that, when used with expertise, the pen reduces the risk of graft mishandling during placement. This conviction underscores the significance of the practitioner’s role in achieving favorable outcomes.

Timely Implantation for Maximum Yield

Recognizing the delicate nature of extracted follicular units, Dr. Doganay ensures they are transplanted within a five-hour window to mitigate the risks of desiccation (dehydration) and follicle demise. This dedication to timing reflects his commitment to achieving the best possible growth yield. He stands confident in his technique’s ability to yield growth rates averaging between 80% to 95%.

Dr. Doganay’s expertise extends beyond technique into the realm of artistry. His approach to hairline design focuses on emulating natural maturity, achieved through the exclusive use of single hair follicular units. Moreover, he endorses dense packing, advocating for the placement of up to 60 follicular units per square centimeter, a strategy that imparts a more authentic appearance.

For individuals grappling with hair loss, the AHD Hair Transplant Clinic offers a beacon of hope. The clinic specializes in transferring your own hair to areas affected by thinning or baldness. This intervention results in permanent, seamlessly natural outcomes, even allowing control over the direction of hair growth. The clinic caters to all, regardless of gender, age, or the specific area requiring restoration, be it scalp, eyebrows, mustache, or beard.

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