Hairmedico Clinic Dr Arslan Musbeh

Hairmedico Clinic Dr Arslan Musbeh

Since he began his career, Dr. Arslan Musbeh has gained extensive experience in the field of hair transplant surgery. Patients from all around the world choose Hairmedico because it consistently delivers high-quality results for the management of baldness.

Depending on the specific needs of each patient, they can do hair implantation using a variety of techniques, including DHI, FUE, and Sapphire FUE. On a daily average, Dr. Arslan Musbeh operates on no more than one patient and no more than two patients in total.

Dr. Arslan Musbeh

Dr Arslan Musbeh

In the year 2000, Dr. Arslan Musbeh received his medical degree from Odessa Medical University. Before going to France, he began his professional life in Turkey, where he practiced medical aesthetics and provided treatments for hair loss.

After completing his postgraduate courses in France, he began working in the capital city of Paris as well as in the country’s provinces until the year 2011. Since 2005, when he was in the middle of his studies, he started taking an increased interest in hair loss therapies and hair transplant surgeries, and that interest has only continued to expand since then.

After 17 years of practice, he is now an internationally recognized hair transplant specialist and educator. He was able to obtain a significant amount of expertise in his sector thanks to the training and professional disciplines he acquired in France, as well as the Workshops and Conferences he attended in that country.

As a pioneer in the field of hair surgery, he was the first to use a sapphire scalpel for incisions after he adopted the FUE procedure. He has worked on many hair transplant patients utilizing the FUE Sapphire procedure, which has allowed him to amass a wealth of experience.


Hair Transplant 

Hair transplant is among the cosmetic operations that are performed the most frequently all over the world. Stress, which can lead to despair and a tendency to hide from social engagements and activities, is a potential side effect of pattern baldness, which can induce stress in individuals who suffer from the condition. If you anticipate hair loss soon, Istanbul, Turkey is home to some of the world’s finest hair transplant centers and surgeons. Hairmedico is home to Turkey’s most cutting-edge hair transplant technology.

Eyebrow Transplant 

The operation to transplant eyebrow hair is now being carried out Individually using the FUE method, similar to how conventional hair transplantation is performed. To begin, a brow is a bristle, and when it is injured, the bristles become sparse. Second, with an eyebrow transplant in Turkey, the eyebrow region can be reconstructed in part or its entirety using a surgical implant, condensation, or both hair and implants. Thirdly, these processes make it feasible to recreate the natural density and comfort of genuine hair.

Beard Transplant

Follicular unit extraction beard transplant surgery is a well-liked surgery that can significantly increase hair density in the beard area. To obtain the desired, natural look, a specified number of grafts must be implanted into the face. This number varies depending on the recipient’s location (beard, cheeks, mustache, sideburns, or any combination of these).


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