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Dr. S.A. Hosseini

Hair time Istanbul is an Istanbul-based hair restoration clinic that was established in 2003. A private clinic has been operating in Capelleaan den IJssel since the beginning of 2016. Since its inception, Hair Time Istanbul has employed a single team. The experts are trained in the most up-to-date procedures and are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Ahead of the curve, Hair Time makes use of cutting-edge technology. Aside from being well-equipped and adhering to strict hygiene rules, the clinics are also subject to rigorous disinfection and sterilization protocols. IGJ, the Netherlands’ Inspectiedienst van Jeugd & Gezondheid (Inspection of Youth & Health), has approved Hair time Istanbul’s services in the Netherlands since 2016. Hair time Istanbul collaborates with firms that ensure the quality of our medical protocols and equipment. Hair time Istanbul is a hair transplant facility with a set staff, not a middleman. Hair time Istanbul has a team of highly skilled doctors that perform hair transplants to the highest standards. The FUE Sapphire procedure is used by Hair Time Istanbul, a hair transplant clinic in Istanbul.

The procedure for a sapphire hair transplant is very similar to that of a standard FUE transplant. The blade used to cut the channels is what makes the difference between the two. In contrast to the traditional FUE method, which uses steel blades for this procedure, the sapphire FUE technique uses sapphire blades. Sapphire blades, which are made from a precious gemstone, are renowned for their sharpness, smoothness, and long-lasting performance. Smaller, more precise incisions can be made in the recipient area because to the surgeon’s ability to generate so-called “micro-channels,” which have these features. The goal of hair transplantation is to treat everyone like a VIP and ensure that they receive the greatest therapy and follow-up care possible. During your recuperation and hair growth period, Hair time Istanbul provides the proper counsel and guidance by being upfront in their analysis.

The clinic’s medical staff includes Dr. S.A. Hosseini, the clinic’s medical director, as well as senior hair technician Dilek Akyol, hair technician Dilber Kilic, and a group of hair technician assistants. Dr. Ahmet Haşim Parlak was born in Yozgat on May 15, 1993. In 2019, he obtained his doctorate from the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University. In the interim, I’ve been taking classes and attending conferences all over the globe. It is Hair Time Istanbul’s first priority to ensure the health and safety of its patients, as one of the most effective hair transplant centers in Turkey. Aside from Dr. Ahmet Haşim Parlak and his team of specialists, the clinic has achieved the most natural and successful results. There are several clinics and surgeons in Turkey who perform hair transplants, but Hair Time, run by Dr. Parlak, stands out because of its unique approach to hair transplantation, which sets it apart from the competition. Hair Time performs all of its procedures in a hygienic and well-equipped hospital in Istanbul. Now Hair Time’s policies also include ensuring the patient’s comfort and happiness. As much as possible, Dr. Parlak and other Hair Time experts strive to provide their patients with services like a commendation in Turkey’s most prestigious hotels. Hair transplant patients who travel from outside the United States are treated to a pleasant staff and individual interpreter help. For his participation in the “Brazilian health system and tropical diseases” course in Porto Alegre, Dr. Parlak was awarded credentials. After then, he worked in the urology department at the University of Siena in 2017. He served as an emergency room physician at Akmadeni State Hospital from 2020 to 2021. He is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as intermediate in Portuguese.


Address: 156, Barbaros Mh Akzambak Sk Uphill Towers B Blok K.29 D, 34290 İstanbul, Turkey

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    • 2 years ago


    I had a hair transplant a short time ago but the evolution seems to be good. They have treated me well at all times, thanks to the team. They do a good follow-up of the whole process.

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