Hair Science Clinic London

Hair Science Clinic London

For more than 25 years, the Hair Science Institute has been recognized as the world’s premier center for hair transplantation science. London (UK), Düsseldorf (Germany), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam and Maastricht (The Netherlands), Paris and Cap d’Antibes (France), Jakarta and Bali (Indonesia), Dubai and Hong Kong (China) are just a few of the locations where the Hair Science clinic may be found. Participating in a professional diagnosis is one of the first steps that must be taken while doing a transplantation. This is a critical first step in the process of determining the most effective treatment for a given patient. When patients come in for a free, no-obligation consultation, the clinic’s hair specialists take the time to get to know them, their circumstances, and their expectations. After this interview, they can provide the patient with personalized medical advice as well as a treatment plan that includes a precise financial budget.

Hair Science Clinic is committed to providing the best level of medical care in the field of hair transplantation. Patients are made to feel comfortable in the clinic, and the clinic staff does everything they can to ensure that the patient’s experience is as comfortable as possible. From the first consultation all the way up to the last check-up, the staff at the hair science institution pampers their clients. Patients will be in the skilled hands of the hospital’s medical physicians and technicians during any treatment they may receive at the facility. An experienced team will take care of all other aspects of the patient’s hair transplantation surgery, including a delicious lunch, a comfortable hotel, transportation, relaxation, watching Netflix from your treatment chair, and anything else that is required to make the patient’s treatment day smooth and enjoyable, allowing the client to leave the clinic feeling relaxed, satisfied, and happy after the procedure is completed. The clinic recognizes that having a hair transplant is a significant life decision for anyone considering it. As a result, it is critical that the client understands everything that is required. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the hair science clinic provided examples of the final results of hair transplants performed on both men and women for their clients on their website. The clinic takes thorough before-and-after images of each client, which they then discuss with them during the last check-up appointment. In this approach, the patient will be able to accurately judge the outcome of a treatment.

Hair Science Clinic has completed more than 20,000 hair transplants in the last twenty-five years, a staggering figure in the industry. The clinics of Dr. Coen Gho see a lot of celebrities, and their teams are no exception. Coen Gho, MD, PhD, is a physician and researcher. Coen Gho has devoted his professional life to the study of hair, stem cells, and tissue engineering. He has dedicated the past thirty years of his life to hair stem cell research, working in conjunction with university medical centers and hospitals all around the world to achieve success. His many years of dedication to young burn patients resulted in the invention of ground-breaking treatments for hair illnesses, scars, and burns that have changed the course of medicine. It is officially known as the Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation-technique, which refers to the patented HST-method developed by him.

Celebrities are frequently seen at the many clinics in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, London, Paris, and Cap d’Antibes, among other locations. Actors and actresses from Hollywood and Bollywood, athletes, artists, politicians, members of royal families, and sheikhs are among those who have made their mark. Despite the fact that the bulk of our celebrity clients are treated with strict confidentiality at the clinic, an increasing number of celebrities are just being upfront about their hair transplants. To learn more about the Hair Science Clinic London visit

Address: 5 Cheval Pl, London SW7 1EW, United Kingdom

Phone: +442075894141

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    • 4 months ago


    Hair science clinic is nothing less than amazing.
    from the first point of contact with aya up until the surgery with dr.gho and the lovely technicians working on the day

    • 1 year ago


    Nothing but great professional service and fantastic people. I came from Canada for the better process of less damage from donor area and for potentially a nice bit of hair. 1 day later and I have no pain and no problems and feeling great about the whole process.
    Thanks to Dr. Fadhel, and techs Bettina and Gabriella. 🙂

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