Hair Health Istanbul

Hair Health Istanbul

One of the best plastic surgeons in Istanbul and Turkey, M.D. Huseyin Kandulu, founded and runs Hair Health Istanbul, which is a hair and aesthetic center for people all over the world. His private clinic is where he performs all of the procedures for plastic surgery and hair transplants. The Private Acibadem Hospital, which is ranked as one of the best and most A-Class private hospitals in Istanbul, is where he performs the surgery. Dr. Huseyin Kandulu is in charge of the hair transplants. He graduated from the faculty of medicine at Trakya University. After that, he earned a specialization in plastic surgery. He uses the most up-to-date and safest methods that have been developed recently around the world. Hair of Istanbul was founded in 2013 in Istanbul. It is a hair transplant center that serves people all over the world. With its service quality meeting European standards and a staff of 75 people, it is a brand that wants to make sure its guests have the best experience. There has been a world-famous hair transplant center in Istanbul called Hair of Istanbul for eight years. They have done more than 13,000 procedures and still serve people in six different languages.

People who come to Turkey for hair transplants can stay at a 5-star hotel and get VIP transportation from there. It does the treatment at the Hair of Istanbul hospital, which is in Istanbul. Specialist doctors and professional staff help with the treatment. Hair of Istanbul, which thinks outside the box, gives its customers the most comfortable service. Working in the field of FUE is a big part of the Hair of Istanbul team right now (Follicular Unit Extraction). Breakthrough: In August 2019, the brand, which is known around the world for FUE hair transplantation, did something new. They were able to do the hair transplantation procedure of 6500 grafts in one sitting. In this procedure, it has shown the world that it is possible to do a lot of hair transplants in a single session without leaving any scars on the donor area. Hair of Istanbul has a YouTube and Instagram account where it talks about how the treatment works, how it goes, and how it looks after it’s done. Hair of Istanbul also has comments from its visitors and posts about how people who want to get a hair transplant there can do it. The people who read and support the posts do so with a lot of interest and curiosity. The brand is very interested in new technology, and its macro-shot grafting video, in which the brand talks about the FUE Technique in great detail, was very popular and had more than 10 million views. The Hair Health Istanbul has a wide range of patients from all over the world, including people from the US, Europe, and the Middle East. It also has the most up-to-date medical technology. The prices at the center are also one of the best in Istanbul. As a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Huseyin Kandulu is also an expert in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS). His work in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, as well as hair transplant surgery, has been going on for more than 15 years. More than 2,800 successful surgeries have also been done by him.


Address: Teşvikiye Mahallesi Hakkı Yeten Caddesi No:11 Kat:11 Daire:59 Terrace Fulya Center, D:1, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

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