GETFUE and Dr. Ayhan Colak

Dr. Ayhan Colak and GETFUE

PubMed Central estimates that approximately 60% of men and 50% of women will have hair loss. Topical therapies like minoxidil are widely used as over-the-counter remedies for this issue.

Restoration techniques include hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is yet another option for those seeking a solution to their hair loss. Single scalp hairs were transplanted for the first time in 1939 in Japan. Doctors developed the “plug” method in the following decades. This process requires the transplantation of dense clumps of hair.

When a person’s hair begins to thin or bald in certain areas, a hair transplant can be performed to increase the density of hair in those areas. Hair grafting involves transplanting hair from one area of the scalp or another bodily site to a balding or thinning area of the scalp. Hair transplants have a higher success rate than non-surgical methods of hair replacement.

About GETFUE Hair Transplantation Clinic

GETFUE is among Turkey’s longest-running hair transplantation centers and is also widely considered the most reliable. They were among the first centers in the region to offer their patients the Implanter Pen DHI hair restoration technique.

Through many years of experience and continued research and development, they are dedicated to providing first-rate care to every patient. Since 2003, the GETFUE Clinic has actively been providing its services to patients in the Mediterranean city of Antalya, Turkey. During this period, they have provided services to hundreds of customers located all over the world. To maintain its status as one of the most respectable and trustworthy hair transplantation centers in Turkey, they strictly adhere to the regulations set down by the government.

There are differences between the various FUE implantation techniques. At the GETFUE Clinic in Turkey, the inventive surgical team led by Dr. Ayhan Colak has considerable training in the Choi Implanter Pen DHI technique of implantation, which is now the most modern and challenging method of implantation that is accessible. It is impossible to construct hairlines with a higher density of hair using any other type of graft implantation; nevertheless, using this procedure, experts can implant grafts between hair strands and determine the angle at which they are implanted.

Application of Advanced FUE In Operation

Moustache, Beard, And Eyebrows: Because of the high volume of graft implants, the great graft regeneration rate, and the total control over the angle of graft implantation, the team can produce ideally shaped facial hair.  Advanced FUE treatments can produce excellent outcomes even in cases where there is little or no initial growth.

Procedures Including Partial and No-Shave Options: When it concerns implanting hairpieces in existing hair, the team has a great deal of experience in this area. Because of this, they can produce exceptional results without having to shave your heads completely. Dr. Colak has started doing long-hair transplanting procedures as the next logical step in this line of inquiry. Patients who require a smaller number of grafts and those who place a premium on having the quickest possible recovery time may be suitable candidates for these complex operations.

Body Hair Transplantation: Grafts are taken from the chest, or other body parts may be implanted on the scalp in certain circumstances. Dr. Colak and his staff can complement these grafts with ones taken from the patient’s beard if the number of grafts that could be retrieved from the rear of the patient’s scalp is insufficient. These Advanced FUE techniques require more effort and time investment than standard ones.

The FUE Method’s Main Points Include:

The benefits are long-lasting: The side part of the scalp is the most common location to collect donor grafts from patients undergoing hair transplant surgery. In certain places, hair follicles are protected from thinning.

There aren’t any lingering scars: The FUE method eliminates the need for a scalpel by utilizing a specialized device to remove grafts individually at a time.

Natural outcomes and densities: A single FUE surgery can transplant sufficient grafts for most individuals to achieve high-density, natural-looking outcomes.

About the Doctor

Short Biography: He was born in 1973 in Antalya, Turkey. Upon graduating from Antalya’s Mediterranean University Medical Faculty in 1996, he became a doctor in Turkey.

To better serve our patients, he relocated to Kemer, Antalya, where he built new private facilities. In 2006, he began practicing hair transplantation using the Implanter Pen DHI. In 2012, he established his private hair transplant practice in Antalya.

Dr. Ayhan Colak, widely regarded as one of the most accomplished surgeons in the area, performs hair transplantation procedures at the get FUE Clinic in Antalya. Dr. Colak has more than nine years of experience in the field of hair restoration. He was born and raised in Antalya and received his medical education at the Akdeniz University School of Medicine. He is a native English speaker and a member of ISHRS.

Competencies and Expertise

Implantation at a high density: One of Dr. Colak’s patented methods of using the Implanter Pen, Dr. Colak can get as many as 55 or 65 transplants per square centimeter and as many as 90 or 95 percent success rates for his patients. Working with facial hair and hairlines requires extra care.

Transplantation of body hair: Among Turkey’s foremost authorities on Body Hair Transplantation (BHT), Dr. Colak is in this field. This method can be utilized to regrow bald spots on the scalp. Dr. Colak also specializes in correcting hair transplants that have gone awry.

Procedures for Shaving to A Minimum: Dr. Colak has created a technique that minimizes the regions of the scalp which need to be shaved before an operation for clients interested in reducing the visible indications following hair transplantation. Shaving is unnecessary for some patients at the GETFUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Antalya.


Hair transplantation is among the most popular cosmetic procedures since it treats hair loss. It’s typically more popular with guys, but women also favor it with these symptoms.

Because of its cosmetic nature, hair transplantation requires careful consideration. Hair transplants should be performed in a sterile environment with meticulous attention to pre-and post-operative procedures.


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