FM Hair Restoration Institute

FM Hair Restoration Institute

The FM hair restoration clinic was formed in 2004 and was a pioneer in modern hair transplant surgery, which has assisted in the improvement of the lives of hundreds of patients, as well as their ability to regain their self-confidence. The FM Hair Restoration Institute provides high-quality services to its clients, including hair transplants, PRP stem cell therapy, and tablets for the treatment of hair loss. It is the pride of FM Hair Restoration Institute to have highly skilled hair transplant surgeons on their staff roll who have performed tens of thousands of successful hair restoration procedures. FM Hair Restoration Institute’s hair transplant services have been used by a number of high-profile celebrities and athletes. FM Hair Restoration is a high-tech FUE/FUT hair transplantation clinic in London’s Harley Street neighborhood. The clinic’s overarching goals are to give close attention to the well-being of its customers in order to assist them in making the best decision for themselves. Consultations at the hair restoration clinic are straightforward, and the costs of hair restoration or transplant therapies are really inexpensive. The clinic’s mission is to care for their clients’ hair loss and to give non-surgical therapies to keep hair loss from returning. The Harley Street location of the hair restoration clinic is convenient.

The FM hair restoration clinic views itself as a project rather than as a series of one- or two-treatment experiences. The clinic only performs surgery if they are certain that the patient will benefit from it, and they provide all of their patients with a cooling-off time. There are also a variety of free non-surgical hair loss therapies available, which can be used in conjunction with or instead of surgery. To learn more about the FM Hair Restoration Institute visit

Address: 22 Harley St, London W1G 9PL, United Kingdom

Phone: +442035615147

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