Euro İstanbul Medical Group

Euro Istanbul Medical Group

Euro Istanbul is a market leader in several medical specialties, including hair transplantation, dental care, cosmetic surgery, eye care, and obesity surgery. Because of its comprehensive 360-degree organization and the presence of internationally renowned surgeons, it can offer patients affordable access to the medical care of the highest possible standard.

In the areas of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental treatments, eye care, and obesity surgery, it offers and guarantees high-quality medical therapies at affordable rates, and it employs surgeons who are certified at the international level. Not only do they offer medical assistance in Turkey, but they also do so in other countries. In addition to their office in Turkey, they also have locations in Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Euro İstanbul Medical Group

Because they have so much experience in the medical field, the caliber of their services has reached unprecedented heights thanks to the expertise they have gained.  The extraordinary care that they provide for their patients is the single most important factor that sets them apart from other rival businesses. They are conscious of the fact that being away from home can be an isolating experience so they will stop at nothing to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. When you get in touch with them for the first time, it is their sincere desire that you will immediately realize their uniqueness.

The organization ensures the highest possible level of service by making use of the most advanced technological practices. They have every reason to be proud of the remarkable 100% customer satisfaction they have achieved to this point. Euro Istanbul Clinic offers a comprehensive service package, from initial consultation to post-treatment follow-up, including lodging and transportation.

The group of surgeons, drivers, nurses, call center specialists, and various experts will never fail you, and as a result, you will experience the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. During your stay, you will also have full access to the services of an interpreter who is fluent in your original language. They encourage everyone who comes to see them to solely think about their health. They provide transportation between the airport, lodging, and hospital at no additional cost to their customers.

The highest possible degree of patient comfort is always their first objective here. When booking accommodations, they insist on staying in only 5-star establishments. Every single one of their bookings comes with a complimentary breakfast. Before you even get to Turkey, they can help you organize your vacation and find reasonably priced aircraft tickets by working with several different airlines.

Following the completion of the procedure, they will not stop communicating with you. After you have returned home, they will continue to monitor your progress in getting better. On occasion, they will ask for photographs depicting your current circumstance. When it is necessary, they will evaluate your medical status through the use of video chats. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that we are going to become really good friends as they promise to stay in touch at all times.


Address: Polat Tower Residence, 445 Istanbul, Turkey

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