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Every person deserves the chance to look and feel their best. At Estherian Clinic, they make that a reality by providing cutting-edge medical technology and affordable services that help our clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

How Do They Function?

Welcome To Turkey

Upon your arrival in Turkey, you will be met at the airport in a luxury vehicle by a private interpreter, who will drive you to a five-star hotel where you can get some rest and mental preparation for your appointment with the doctor the following day.


A competent and experienced surgeon will examine you to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Additionally, necessary medical examinations will be carried out.

Hospital Stay

The highly trained and experienced surgeon will operate with accuracy and dexterity, ensuring that you will experience neither discomfort nor pain as a result of the treatment.


After receiving first-rate treatment during the operation and making a full recovery from it, the specialized surgeon will inspect you one more time to verify the outcomes before you depart Turkey.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Estherian Clinic Doctors

FUE Technique

The procedure known as follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is a kind of hair transplant that involves removing the healthy and more resilient hair follicles from the areas of the scalp where they grow and then replanting them to an area of the scalp that has thinning hair or no hair at all.

DHI Technique

DHI is not the same as the FUE Technique. The surgeon can complete the procedure without shaving any part of the skull; the only place that will require modification is the donor site.

FUE Sapphire Technique

This method is quite similar to FUE, but the blade that is utilized throughout the treatment is different. The blades of the Sapphire FUE tool are constructed of sapphire, which is a gemstone that is both hard and precious. In comparison to the conventional U-shaped steel blades, the V-shaped pin gives a greater degree of delicacy when it comes to making incisions for the transplant procedure.

Beard Transplant

There are a lot of different things that can cause hair loss, but there are also a lot of different ways to avoid it. Some of the things that can cause hair loss include hormonal change, female or male pattern baldness, certain disorders, certain medications, and physical or mental shock. With a beard transplant, hair is removed from the donor site and inserted into the jawline.

Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrows are the feature of the face that is most capable of expression since they add a unique charm to the eyes. Concern and discontent are caused in humans, and women in particular, when the eyebrows become thinner, fall out or develop uneven patterns.

At Estherian Clinic, the specialized doctor will conduct the necessary medical tests for you, as well as ask you questions about your medical history and provide you with a diagnosis regarding the cause of eyebrow loss.

The physician will employ micro technology during the examination to ensure flawless outcomes with no scarring at the end of the process. Your surgeon can choose to pluck the hair from your brows, behind your ears, or upper legs for the transplant.


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