Este Medical Group

Este Medical Group

One of the most respected medical groups in the United Kingdom, Este Medical Group was founded in the year 2015. Founded in Birmingham, the Este Medical Group has expanded across the UK and around the world since its inception. As a medical group with clinics in many countries, Este is eager to continue to grow and increase its global reach. There’s no escaping Este Medical’s reputation as the go-to clinic for aesthetic operations. Este Medical patients know that when they come in for a treatment, they are getting the best in cutting-edge, modern technology and the greatest service in the area. For more than a decade Sam Cinkir the founder of Este medical group has been working in the field of aesthetics, and he is dedicated to helping patients achieve their ideal appearance. As a pioneer in the field of derma-aesthetic technology, Sam has been providing the highest quality aesthetic services for nearly two decades. Customer service may take on a life of its own depending on who is asking for it, and Sam knows this from personal experience.

One of the clinic’s goals is to have a business model that is both reliable and long-term because of the clinic’s commitment to excellence. In order to be an industry leader in international hair transplantation, they have the obligation and ethical ideals to apply our inventive, rational, principled, and responsible approach to consumers. The clinic mission is for everyone to have access to Este Medical treatments and procedures regardless of their economic status, postcode, religious affiliation or the make and model of their car. The clinic believes that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and the creator of Este medical group has worked hard to guarantee that the clinics provide a service devoid of bias, at pricing everyone can afford.

More than 2,000 patients are seen by Este Medical clinics every day on average in the United Kingdom. You will be made to feel welcome and informed as soon as you walk through the doors, and their consultants will keep you informed throughout your consultation and treatment process. Many well-known people in the field have used their services, making them a well-respected professional. Sam is a world-renowned trichologist in an award-winning clinic with a pleasant, empathetic, and understanding demeanour.

Este Medical Groups’ goal is to build a world-renowned brand that men and women turn to for hair, skin, and body treatments. The highest level of service and the strictest adherence to ethical principles are the cornerstones of our company’s international reputation for quality. In addition to using the most up-to-date techniques and technology, Este has a distinct advantage over its competitors and these includes a continuous education and training of their personnel while focusing on the satisfaction of their consumers, and finally creating a significant position in the cosmetic and aesthetic business. Este Medical Group’s guiding principles include meeting customers’ needs and demands, keeping customer satisfaction rates high, following international developments and implementing them at our clinics, and ensuring that every professional working at Este Medical Group has the relevant experience and qualifications to do their job descriptions in the most perfect manner.

You can find an Este clinic in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Leeds, Nottingham, London, Glasgow, Manchester, Milan, and Istanbul or visit them at

Address: 9 Portland Rd, Birmingham B16 9HN, United Kingdom

Phone: +441215727474

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