Dr. Elza Todorova Bankovska-Petkova

Dr. Elza Todorova Bankovska-Petkova

Seneca Medical Group extends a warm welcome to visitors. Their clinics have gracefully navigated the test of time, proudly boasting a remarkable 35-year history. This enduring legacy finds its roots in the organization’s original vision, mission, and values, which have not only earned them a prestigious global reputation but have also become a source of pride. Over the years, Seneca Medical Group has administered effective care to an impressive count of more than 43,000 individuals grappling with the challenges of hair loss. Moreover, their commitment to excellence shines through in the training and certification of over 160 medical professionals, equipping them with advanced hair restoration techniques.

Seneca Medical Group has consistently maintained a prominent role in advancing the field of hair restoration. This prominence is not by chance but through a deliberate commitment to rigorous research, precise diagnostic practices, comprehensive training programs, and the adoption of cutting-edge therapies. By doing so, Seneca Medical Group stands steadfast at the forefront of innovation, consistently pioneering fresh approaches and tools to surmount the complexities posed by hair loss.

Seneca Medical Group’s Expertise in Hair Care

With an extensive history spanning over three decades, these experts have devoted their careers to delving into the intricacies of hair loss. Their unwavering commitment to the field has led them to explore this challenge not only in their home base of Greece but also in the UK and various regions across Europe.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence has propelled them to the forefront of the hair care industry, earning them the esteemed title of the number one hair transplant clinic in all of Europe. This recognition is a direct result of their tireless efforts in offering top-tier hair restoration services and pioneering cutting-edge techniques.


The mission held dear at Seneca is a profound one – to transform lives and rekindle lost self-assurance. Their vision is grand, aiming to propel the global hair restoration sector to new heights, while simultaneously ensuring that these advanced treatments remain accessible to all, with affordability at the core of their values.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Supporting Worthy Causes

Their commitment to CSR goes beyond their immediate community. Seneca Medical Group actively supports charity events aimed at benefiting children battling cancer and aiding victims of fires in their country. These efforts contribute to building a stronger and more resilient society.

Empowering Paralympic Athletes

They believe in the power of sports to inspire and uplift. That’s why they proudly support Paralympic athletes who exhibit exceptional determination and skill. Their assistance aims to enable them to achieve their athletic dreams and serve as a source of inspiration for all.

Caring for Furry Friends

At Seneca Medical Group, the importance of caring for all members of their community, including furry friends, is recognized. They engage in various care actions to help stray animals find safety, comfort, and love in their lives.

Green Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

They are committed to environmental sustainability. As part of their CSR efforts, they organize tree planting events in Greece. These initiatives not only contribute to a greener environment but also help combat climate change for a more sustainable future.

Website: https://senecamd.com/

Address: 15 Royal Crescent, Glasgow, G3 7SL

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