Dr. Ziakas and Alborj Hair Clinic

Dr. Ziakas and Alborj Hair Clinic

Hair transplantation, also known as a hair restoration operation, is one of the most common and efficient treatments for baldness and hair loss. It is also one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. Although it is more prevalent among males, women battling the same issue seek it. It is because both sexes face the same problem. Many people are interested in learning more about hair transplantation and the associated procedures, as well as what they should do before and after getting their hair transplanted. It is mainly because hair transplantation has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Because hair transplantation commonly happens for aesthetic reasons, specialists must handle the process with a great deal of caution. It is vital to consider the actions that need to be done both before and after a hair transplant, and it is also crucial that these steps are in a clean and sanitary atmosphere.

There might be a significant difference between men’s and women’s hair. It does not matter how old you are when you first see your hair becoming thinner or when it begins to fall out; the experience can be pretty distressing either way. You have most certainly attempted various treatments to slow down what has been happening, but none of them have succeeded in accomplishing this goal. You are not the first person to do this; you certainly won’t be the last. At the Alborj Hair Clinic, regardless of whether the environment or genetics causes the condition, there is always a treatment option available for patients.

Why Have Hair Transplant Surgery in Dubai?

FUE Hair Restoration in Dubai is among the most suggested revolutionary techniques that produce excellent and speedy results with more minor scars and zero suturing. It permits the quick treatment of areas ranging from medium to small. It is among the most recent approaches to entering the market.

In Dubai, individuals looking for straightforward and honest directions can get a comprehensive consultation at any of the city’s clinics. One of these is Alborj Hair Clinic.

Alborj Hair Clinic

They are resolute in their commitment to providing services of an unrivaled level of competence, quality assurance, and global benchmarking.

They use cutting-edge technology and instruments that are state-of-the-art to conduct a comprehensive check of the condition of the hair and scalp from every angle before making a recommendation regarding the treatment that would be best for you and ensuring that the results would be natural and appropriate for your age, occupation, and personality.

After that, a highly knowledgeable group of medical professionals and technicians will respond to any of your inquiries about the topic and direct you toward the most suitable accessible choice. They would also be there for you throughout the entire process of getting a hair transplant to address any questions or concerns you may have and monitor the growth of your new hair.

All treatments at Alborj Clinic are custom-tailored to each patient and overseen by Dr. Ziakas himself because of the clinic’s dedication to putting the needs of its patients first. This includes the preliminary consultation, the procedure, and the post-operative follow-up appointment. Dr. Ziakas performs hair transplants using the direct transplant method, widely regarded as among the most successful and high-quality techniques currently available.

Dr. Ziakas

He is widely recognized as a leading authority in the field of hair transplant surgery due to his extensive experience, which spans more than 18 years. It entails implanting the individual hair into the scalp, utilizing FUE punches that are the least invasive possible, allowing for a quick recovery within three to five days after the treatment. Over 3,500 surgeries have been successfully carried out, and he has followed up with patients.

He began his career in the hair transplant sector in 2003 and has since worked in prestigious clinics in Athens, Paris, London, Mumbai, Dublin, New Delhi, Limassol, and Cork. Since 2010, he has been working as a resident specialist in the Al Borj Clinic, where he decided to give his vision in the United Arab Emirates for an excellent customer- and patient-oriented hair transplants. He is a part of the “International Society of the Hair Restoration.”

What different kinds of procedures does the doctor typically perform?

The doctor performs a process known as “direct hair transplant,” the most recent and cutting-edge method available for hair transplant procedures anywhere in the world. This procedure is the gold standard in terms of both quality and effectiveness. Dr. Ziakas obtains the hair follicles from the donor by detaching them first from the skin using a specialized tool known as FUE punches. It allows him to get the hair follicles from the donor. Because of his extensive experience, he employs the least damaging punch sizes possible, which are the smallest available. He carries out the entire operation manually and without the assistance of any machine to obtain the highest possible graft quality with the least amount of patient suffering.

During the implantation treatment, the hair is inserted directly within the area designated for implants by the doctor. He carries out this operation to achieve a natural appearance of the hairline and preserve its desired direction and improved density. He doesn’t open any holes during this process, which maintains the scalp’s integrity and allows for a speedier regeneration and recovery.

What is the crucial distinction between a typical FUE procedure and a direct hair transplant?

The primary distinction lies in the density, which corresponds to a thickness of two centimeters. Compared to the conventional FUE operation, the direct implant method permits the transplantation of a more significant number of hair follicles. In addition to this benefit, the recovery time required after a direct hair implant technique is significantly reduced. Compared to the FUE treatment, which requires a recovery time of around 2 to 3 weeks, the direct hair transplant procedure provides a more speedy recovery time of three to five days after the procedure’s completion. As a result of the accelerated healing process, the body can provide more incredible support for the head by increasing blood circulation inside the implant area, ultimately leading to a better outcome.


The decision to get a hair transplant can completely transform your appearance. It has a direct impact on our appearance and has a positive effect on our sense of self-worth. It is of the utmost necessity to schedule an appointment at the most seasoned and competent medical center and specialist.

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