Dr. Okan Tanin

Dr. Okan Tanin and the Antalya Hair Clinic

If you’re experiencing thinning or balding on your scalp, you may want to consider getting a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to replace missing or damaged hair. A hair transplant may be an option if you wish to treat your balding scalp permanently.

One significant development has made it possible to achieve realistic outcomes today. In most cases, surgeons now only transplant a few healthy hairs at a time. This prevents patients from experiencing the artificial, doll-like hairstyles of the 1970s and 1980s. Once upon a time, thinning areas would have hair plugs implanted. Over time, people started noticing the hair plugs.

You can also achieve natural-looking outcomes through refinements in hairline design and hair placement in thinning areas. Because of these advancements, the finished product can have such a natural look that even a barber or a stylist might be unable to tell that you’ve had any work done.

Why Antalya?

Antalya’s warm climate, exquisite beaches, clean sea, gorgeous antiquity, hypnotic vistas with heritage and culture, traditional fused with modernist design, and more are just a few reasons you should select Antalya for your hair transplant. It is at the very top of the list of provinces that international patients and travelers love to visit for medical treatment and vacations.

In Antalya, Turkey, several hair transplant centers and surgeons are at the top of their fields and providing all of the essential services for their clients. One of these is Dr. Okan Tanin and the knowledgeable staff at the Antalya Hair Clinic.

The Okan Tanin Center

The Doctor Okan Tanin Hair Clinic in Antalya is a pioneer in providing reasonably priced medical procedures of a high standard, performed by surgeons who have obtained worldwide certification.

Their medical staff has cared for a wide variety of patients worldwide, including those from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, Canada, and all of Europe. The fields of plastic surgery and aesthetic therapies, hair transplantation, dental treatments, and weight loss surgery are some of the ones in which they have extensive experience and a high level of specialization.

The Okan TANIN Hair Centre Antalya Hair Transplant is a transplant clinic that carries out eyebrow, hair, beard, and mustache restoration in a hospital setting and under the doctor’s supervision. The center features a roster of medical experts and transplant professionals who have worked in the field for a significant amount of time.

These professionals, who have a combined ten years of expertise and work at one of the most renowned hair transplant clinics in Turkey, place a high priority on your health, safety, and appearance.

Because hair transplantation requires specialized environments, the doctors perform every one of the procedures in a clean, sterile environment at one of the clinics outfitted with cutting-edge machinery, technologies, and the most highly qualified experts in the field. The following are some of the reasons why they are outstanding.

  • Skilled Medical Professional: When you visit the Dr. Okan TANIN Hair Clinic in Antalya for a hair transplant, the experts there will treat your health as your most valuable asset. Only the most qualified doctors will have this responsibility.
  • Personalized Care: Your treatment options perfectly match your goals of preventing problems from treatment through early intervention.
  • Standards of Excellence and Preventive Measures: At Dr. Okan TANIN Hair Transplant Clinic, every single member of the team has received extensive training to ensure that they can serve patients in any circumstance.
  • Instantaneous Attendance: The treatment plan intends to make consistent advancements, with each phase occurring promptly.

On Dr. Okan Tanin

Okan Tanin is the lead doctor at the Antalya Hair Clinic and was born in HATAY Dortyol in 1983. In 2010, he received his medical degree from Erciyes University’s Faculty of Medicine. After having spent some time working for the Turkish government. Within EUROiSTANBUL, he was employed at the iSTANBULHAR office.

The Clinic’s View on Hair Transplant

After a certain age, the majority of men, particularly in countries located in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, begin to suffer from the condition of hair loss. Various factors may contribute to hair loss, including genetic factors, dietary patterns, vitamin deficiencies, and even air quality. Clinics consider the variables contributing to hair loss while selecting a treatment procedure.

One of the most popular and effective treatments for baldness and hair loss is hair transplantation, also known as a hair restoration procedure. Although it is more prevalent among men, women who experience this condition also opt for the process. Because of its immense popularity, many people are curious about hair transplantation and its associated procedures, as well as what they should do before and after getting their hair transplanted. Hair transplantation is performed chiefly for cosmetic reasons, so experts and surgeons must treat the procedure very carefully. Surgeons and experts must carefully consider the steps they must take before and after a hair transplant and carry it out in a sterile environment.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Antalya?

In Antalya, hair transplant surgery is incredibly inexpensive. It’s possible to obtain a high-quality operation for less than $4,000; some people have even paid as little as $1,700.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the total cost will vary depending on factors, including the severity of the hair loss, the method you choose, and the number of sessions and grafts required.


The significance of hair has been maintained throughout history and continues today. In today’s culture, hair is a symbol of vitality and youth. Having less hair, becoming feebler, and shedding are all signs that the person’s health is declining. Because of this, hair loss has developed into a severe medical issue. This is why Dr. Okan Tanin and his team of experts work round the clock to ensure that they satisfy the desire of their customers.

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