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An essential component of beauty that exudes youthfulness and vigor is having hair that is both full and healthy. Because of this, many people who experience hair loss perceive it to be an extremely stressful condition. However, there is no cause for alarm because contemporary plastic and cosmetic surgery provide men and women with a wide variety of cutting-edge hair transplant techniques that are just as delicate as they are effective.

Dr. Erkam Caymaz works closely with some of the most well-known experts in the area of hair transplants, and Dr. CAYMAZ is widely regarded as one of the most qualified professionals. Dr. CAYMAZ was among the initial doctors in Turkey and Europe to begin utilizing the Sapphire FUE procedure.

Dr. Erkam Caymaz

His entire medical staff has the required levels of experience, expertise, and commitment to the work that they do. The adoption of the percutaneous approach makes it possible to achieve growth rates of up to 90 percent for hair that has been transplanted.

Dr. Erkam Caymaz maintains his operations in an A++ and modern clinic setting. He has more than ten years of expertise, visitors from around the world, global recognition, and outstanding service quality. He also utilizes the most recent technological advancements in hair transplantation.

Incorporating the most up-to-date technology tools and working with some of the most accomplished medical professionals in the fields of medical aesthetics and hair transplantation allows it to continue to have a positive impact. Dr. Erkam Caymaz has also put forth his significant claim in hair transplant surgery by applying procedures and methods that are approved by the International Hair Surgery Association in conjunction with the most recent technological devices.


Sterilization And Hygiene

An infection can arise after the procedure up to ten days later; if this occurs, the newly transplanted hair follicles would be irreparably damaged; as a result, sterilization is essential in hair transplant surgery.

As a result, Dr. Caymaz places an extremely high priority on maintaining a clean environment both during and after surgical procedures at his clinic. During the operation, he also provides certain medication through an intravenous line.

Operations Are Kept to A Minimum

Only one to two surgical procedures can be scheduled per day with Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ. The primary motivations behind performing such a small number of procedures are to optimize results in terms of both quality and quantity. Every procedure is performed by a group that includes five specialists in addition to Dr. Caymaz, the attending surgeon. You should know that your presence there is essential and that you are respected.

Up To 95% Success Is Guaranteed

The Dr. Caymaz Clinic provides its services with an understanding that is centered on the satisfaction of the patient. Dr. Caymaz examines the thinning hair or baldness that his patients are experiencing and recommends the treatment that will be most effective.

Dr. Caymaz has a success record of approximately 90–95%. The remaining 5% is referred to as the Genetical Problem, Error Margin, or Not Following the Rules in their calculations. It is immoral and improper behavior to offer a guarantee of one hundred percent satisfaction. ​

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