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The Clinista Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey is a center that specializes in hair transplantation. The center may be found within Okan University Hospital. Treatments for hair loss offered by Clinista specialists include FUE hair transplant, stem cell therapy, and PRP therapy. The medical institution provides a warranty that is good for life on every transplanted hair.

The clinic provides both the FUE and DHI hair transplant procedures as its primary hair restoration options. The fact that there are only one or two surgeries carried out each day ensures that each patient is given the utmost care and that they are treated with the utmost dedication. Every single hair transplant treatment is carried out by a board-certified physician with the help of nurses who have received extensive training and hair specialists who have years of industry expertise.

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Clinista offers each patient a hair transplant service that is both safe and successful, and the cost of the procedure is extremely reasonable. The operating rooms, which are equipped with HEPA filtration and thorough sterilization, are used for all surgeries.

They are pleased to announce that they were the first company in Turkey to offer hair transplantation services and have a significant amount of experience in this sector. On your path to having a hair transplant, the team of highly trained specialists in medicine is prepared to assist you in navigating the various hair transplant facilities in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

Their clients will be able to utilize the hair transplant therapies that they offer in the clinic, where they will also receive close monitoring both before and after the procedure. They have developed all of the included treatment plans with an ongoing commitment to improving the level of service they provide following the principles of contemporary medicine. You can look at their before and after pictures if you are interested in finding a hair transplant facility in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the United States.

To get the most out of each step of the treatment, they implement distinct treatment plans for it, all of which are connected. Your hair thinning and the anatomical nature of the donor and recipient areas will both be evaluated by their team of highly trained and experienced physicians. They are experiencing the joy of being at the forefront of hair transplant centers in Turkey at this time, which puts them in a unique position.

Customized Hair Transplantation

Those who are experiencing hair thinning or baldness may benefit greatly from undergoing a procedure known as hair transplantation. It is important to point out that when applicants are confronted with unfavorable findings, their level of sensitivity increases by an additional level. The Clinista Turkey Hair Transplant Center develops individualized treatment strategies for each patient who visits the clinic.

Additional diagnostics are a component of a bespoke treatment plan, and they allow experts to investigate all aspects that may play a role in the achievement of your desired outcomes. They are prepared to deal with any issues that may arise as a result of the intervention. Their goal is to achieve the best possible results with the hair transplant procedure.

Address: Suadiye, Bağdat Cd. No:411 D:5, 34740 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey


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