Clinic Vital

Clinic Vital

Clinic Vital is a private medical clinic created in 2018 by Nuh GÜMÜTEKN exclusively for “Diagnosis and Therapy of Sexual Dysfunctions.” In contrast to those working in conventional clinics, the doctor is willing to examine both partners simultaneously and jointly as part of a holistic assessment. The clinic is located in Mecidiyekoy and Beylikdüzü, and they are open to serving their patients six a week, except for Sunday.

For the sake of the quality of the services, they only examine patients or customers who have first scheduled an appointment. They request that you honor the time of your appointment and arrive at the clinic at least half an hour before your scheduled session starts.

Clinic Vital’s success was built on a foundation of consistency and determination. It is your natural right to acquire information about your concerns before the exam, and they will do their best to assist you in any way they can. It would be difficult for them to provide care over the phone or by text message. They can only offer you generic medical information regarding your condition.

Initial Interview and Examination

Clinic Vital Services

Our first examination focuses on a thorough conversation with the patient to pinpoint the root of the issue, ask pertinent questions, and get a feel for the patient’s level of comfort discussing the matter openly, as well as a thorough sexual checkup.

The clients are asked to fill out several medical forms; they will be subjected to several tests. They will undergo urological and genital examinations to accomplish this goal if required. Finally, blood samples are taken to determine the individual’s biochemical and hormonal status.

In this part of the process, known as the general medical checkup, they recommend that every adult above 40 get one once each year, regardless of whether or not they have a problem.

This stage is not treatment. As a consequence of this, it will be decided whether or not you require therapy. If all parties agree with the therapy’s terms, a treatment contract will be symbolically signed by both the clients and Clinic Vital.

Their Services


Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is what most people understand when they hear the word “abortion.” This technique is always utilized in the medical field for procedures involving the removal of tissue biopsies from the uterus.


It is a broad phrase that can refer to various procedures that modify the vagina. It encompasses the opening to the vagina and the functional and cosmetic alterations that experts can make to the vaginal canal.

Labiaplasty Genital Aesthetic Operation

Although the term “genital aesthetics” is sometimes used to refer to the aesthetics of the inner and outer lips, the aesthetics of the inner lips are the focus of the present article’s labiaplasty explanation.

Laser Genital Whitening

Over time, certain areas of the body might change color for a variety of causes. These darkenings, which in most cases are not indicative of any health issues, can be lightened by certain operations at the request of individuals to alleviate their concerns regarding their appearance.

Address: Mecidiyekoy Mah. Mecidiye Cad. Estetikland Plaza No:5 Floor:3 Mecidiyekoy – SISLI / ISTANBUL


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