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One of America’s leading hair restoration practises, established by Dr. L. Lee Bosley in 1974, is now the largest in the country. Over the course of their many years of hair restoration and innovation, their world-class clinical resources, research, and technology have benefited both male and female patients alike. Bosley Hair Restoration Experts are believed to be the best in the United States as genetic hair loss can be permanently reversed with a Bosley hair transplant. Physicians at Bosley use cutting-edge hair restoration procedures to produce realistic-looking results that mimic your own natural hairline. Bosley also offers a number of non-surgical hair loss remedies that have been proven to be helpful in preserving, strengthening, thickening, and growing the hair you already have. Hair loss can affect everyone at any stage of life, but Bosley offers a remedy that can aid anyone who is concerned about it.

Bosley hair transplant and restoration clinics can be found all over the country, including in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York, Miami, and Newport Beach, to name just a few of the many places. If you live in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and are looking for a Bosley office, you’ve never had it so easy. Over 70 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico are operated by Bosley. Only at the surgery centres can Bosley Physicians be reached. Bosley counsellors are available at all of the company’s offices, regardless of whether they specialise in surgery or consultation.

Bosley are pleased with the recognition they have gotten from the medical hair restoration community for their creativity, inventions, and dedication to the industry. Bosley doctors are among the world’s best hair transplant surgeons. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and other major hair restoration medical organisations have recognised the expertise of many of their doctors. To ensure the greatest possible success in Bosley hair transplantation, a physician must take numerous factors into account for each patient’s unique hair loss profile. Individual treatment plans for each patient are developed by medical hair restoration specialists at the clinic. With the help of Bosley, people from all walks of life can have their hair restored, no matter their financial situation. It is feasible to have hair restoration at practically any price budget with Bosley’s help. Even though they’ve helped some of the world’s most famous actors, musicians, and sports celebrities, simple financing choices and cutting-edge technology have made hair restoration accessible to nearly any patient.

Hair restoration in Seattle with Bosley

Patient consultations are provided at no cost, as well as an individually tailored hair restoration strategy. The clinic boast of so many follicular award winners and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) surgeons that currently work at this facility. Also, more than 500,000 people from over 50 states in the United State and over 60 countries have had their hair transplants done at this clinic. Topical drugs and non-surgical treatments for thicker, fuller hair have helped nine million people in total. All Bosley hair restoration surgeries and treatments at Bosley are backed by particular guarantees or promises, depending on the technique. They want to ensure that the patient’s hair restoration results and experience are exactly what they hoped for. If you need any additional information or have any concerns, be sure to speak with your Bosley counsellor during your visit.

Advantages of hair transplant procedures

Undergoing a well-executed hair transplant procedure, such as those performed by the specialists at Bosley, offers numerous benefits:

1. Authentic, customizable hair:

The most significant advantage is that the transplanted hair is genuinely yours, capable of growth and allowing you the freedom to wash, cut, and style it as you desire.

2. Natural-looking results:

Hair transplants provide natural-looking outcomes as the hair is sourced from your own scalp, matching both texture and color seamlessly.

3. Permanent solution:

A hair transplant is a permanent treatment, eliminating concerns about future hair loss after the procedure.

4. Low maintenance:

The transplanted hair requires the same care as the rest of your hair, making it a low-maintenance option.

5. Customizable procedures:

Most patients often only need one procedure, but depending on individual goals and future hair loss considerations, additional procedures can be tailored.

Hair transplant procedure with Bosley

Efficacy of hair transplants: do they work?

Yes, hair transplants are highly effective. Dr. Norman Orentriech’s concept of Donor Dominance has enhanced our understanding of why hair tissue transplanted from donor sites successfully generates new hair at the recipient site. The concept highlights the dominance of physical traits of hair follicles from donor areas over the scalp tissue at the recipient site, ensuring successful transplantation.

Donor Dominance also sheds light on the role of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair transplants. While DHT can lead to hair loss over time, transplanted hair follicles from donor sites are generally resistant to DHT, demonstrating that hair transplants are the most effective and permanent solution for hair loss.

Years of research confirm the safety and permanency of hair transplant procedures. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) notes a survival rate of 90% to 100% for hair grafts when performed by qualified physicians and teams. Visible new growth is typically noticeable within 3 months, with full results taking up to 12 months.

Ideal candidates for hair transplants

  • Individuals with significant hair loss or those dissatisfied with previous hair growth treatments.
  • Adequate hair density at the donor site is crucial.
  • Good overall health is essential, with considerations for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and pregnancy.

The process of getting a hair transplant: how does it work?

For those contemplating the procedure, the key question is: how does a hair transplant work? In essence, a hair transplant involves moving hair from one area to another that lacks coverage. There are two main types of procedures, each tailored to specific types of hair loss and treatment goals.

Steven S. Lee

Dr. Steven S. Lee

Dr. Steven S. Lee is an accomplished surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has dedicated his ongoing practice to the art and science of hair restoration, passionately working towards helping patients achieve their hair restoration goals.

Dr. Washenik, Chief Medical Officer of Bosley Medical Group, expresses, “Dr. Lee is an exceptionally skilled surgeon, and we are privileged to have him as part of the Bosley Medical Group. His sincere commitment to assisting patients in achieving their hair restoration objectives aligns perfectly with Bosley’s patient-centric focus.”

After graduating with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles, majoring in Biology with Magna Cum Laude, Dr. Lee pursued his medical degree at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where he earned clinical honors in surgery and medicine. Following his graduation, he completed his residency in General Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Lee’s previous appointments include serving as a general surgeon at Skagit Regional Clinics in Mount Vernon, Sunnyside Community Hospital, Banner Health in Payson, Arizona, and Kaiser Permanente. He has also worked as a locum tenens surgeon at the Northern Navajo Medical Center and Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

Dr. Lee is dedicated to helping individuals regain confidence by restoring their hair. During his leisure time, he enjoys traveling and sightseeing with his family, which includes his wife and two children. Additionally, he is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan and finds joy in watching football.


Address: 2505 2nd Ave #715, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

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