Dr. Arturo González Marlia

Dr. Arturo González Marlia

Profound value emerges from enhancing personal and emotional well-being within the realm of hair surgery, driving passion as a hair surgeon. A persistent current of satisfaction and empowerment flows through those undergoing hair graft transplants, marking a pivotal turning point in the professional voyage.

A decade-long chapter of life had been dedicated solely to the tapestry of Aesthetic Medicine. A specialty warmly embraced since 1983, immediately following the completion of Medical and General Surgery studies. Yet, embarking on initial forays into the field of hair surgery, a profound epiphany arose. It became glaringly apparent that troves of professional knowledge and experience accrued must be channeled into helping individuals grappling with hair-related predicaments. The significance of hair treatments and implants transcended the realm of mere aesthetics; held the key to elevating self-esteem and personal assurance.

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Pioneering Hair Transformation

In 1998, in a collaborative endeavor with Dr. Spagnoulo and Dr. Foglia, the seed of Medical Hair was sown in Argentina. This groundbreaking clinic is meticulously crafted to address the pressing concern of hair loss through a nuanced spectrum of specialized treatments. However, this pursuit is not confined to boundaries of superficial aesthetics; an ardent mission to restore not only hair but also self-esteem to those wrestling with androgenetic alopecia. Triumph reverberated, leading to sprouting of numerous Medical Hair branches and franchises. Eminence soared, crowning as unparalleled pioneers in the realm of hair transplant practitioners across both Spain and South America.

Expedition through professional landscape now ushers into the heart of Vigo. Here, aspirations seamlessly intertwined with mission to empower individuals to reclaim higher hair density and volume. Ultimately, an overarching goal is to foster a profound sense of self-recognition and acceptance, harmonizing inner essence with reflection encountered in the mirror.

With a wellspring of more than two decades of international experience, the mantle of Medical Hair finds a rightful place in Vigo. Distinction fortified by bedrock of professionalism, epitomized by one of founders, Dr. Arturo González Marlia. A virtuoso cosmetic surgeon celebrated for tending to luminaries and elite athletes, alongside myriad unsung individuals whose hair and personal gratification artfully restored.

Acknowledging profound undercurrents drawing to clinic, recognition pursuit extends beyond contours of aesthetics. Profound quest to be at peace with reflection, desire to stand before mirror and wholeheartedly embrace visage that gazes back. Transformation more than skin deep; metamorphosis that elevates self-esteem and facilitates a potent sense of empowerment. Stand as steadfast architects of this transformation, poised to guide through a metamorphic journey.

Medical Hair Vigo

Within the sanctum of Medical Hair Vigo, canvas of transformation unfurls in remarkable ways. Boast arsenal of highly effective hair treatments and surgical interventions, yielding results that seamlessly meld natural and aesthetic. Prowess manifests in mastery over state-of-the-art hair microimplant techniques and pioneering anti-hair loss treatments, like hair mesotherapy, fortify capabilities.

However, commitment goes beyond technical excellence, as it originates from a foundation of experience, reputation, and cutting-edge instrumentation that emphasizes practice. At Medical Hair Vigo’s core, there are not just precise recommendations customized to unique circumstances, but also an empathetic and genuine approach that avoids making hollow promises.

Bespoke Odyssey

The journey begins with a complimentary inaugural consultation, bridging aspirations and expertise. This initial encounter reveals a comprehensive diagnosis of hair concerns, establishing the groundwork for informed decisions.

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