Anka Plastic Surgery Clinic

Anka Plastic Surgery Clinic

Clinic Anka is a plastic surgery clinic that was founded by two female plastic surgeons, namely Op. Dr. Gamze BEKTA and Op. Dr. Ani NPOLAT. Both of these surgeons are board-certified. They are board-certified plastic specialists who provide their services in the fields of cosmetic surgery procedures and medical aesthetics. In addition, they combine the convenience of teamwork in various reconstruction fields, like skin cancers, scarring, and breast reconstruction following breast cancer treatment.

Dra. Gamze Bektas


Abdominoplasty (Abdominal Lift and Tummy Tuck)

Patients who have extra fat and drooping in the abdomen region as well as weakening in the abdominal muscles may be good candidates for an abdominoplasty operation. In addition to this, it is an excellent method for getting rid of the fissures on the abdomen skin that can appear after giving birth or gaining a lot of weight. During this procedure, not only is extra fat and broken skin removed, but also the abdominal muscles are sutured together to strengthen and tighten them.

Aesthetic Nose Surgery

The medical term for the process of altering the nose by an operation known as rhinoplasty, which can boost one’s self-esteem in addition to their physical look and attractiveness. A septoplasty surgery, which corrects the anatomic malformation or deflection of the septum, can be added to cosmetic rhinoplasty if there is any difficulty breathing through the nose. This procedure would correct the deviation of the septum.

The process of sculpting the bone during rhinoplasty surgery is by far the most challenging part of the procedure. At this point, they make use of ultrasonic equipment called a piezzo to perform an elegant and recently developed osteotomy procedure for cutting.

Because only the bone is cut by this instrument, the skin, blood vessels, and cartilage are guaranteed not to be harmed during surgery. Additionally, the patient will experience far less swelling and bruising as a result of this method.

Arm Lift (Brakioplasty)

The upper arms are susceptible to sagging due to the effects of aging, fluctuations in weight, and inherited predispositions. The Vaser liposuction procedure removes excess fat while also helping to tighten the skin on the arms and making them appear more toned.

However, arm lift treatment is the best option if the drooping is severe enough. The excess skin that hangs from the arm is cut away, and the remaining tissues and the upper arm are sutured together before the upper arm is remodeled. Even though the scar will be concealed on the inside of the patient’s arm, this procedure is only indicated for individuals who have significant deformities and sagging.

Breast Augmentation

At this time, using silicone prostheses for breast augmentation is the procedure that is both the most effective and long-lasting. Other methods of breast augmentation include aquafilling and lipofilling, both of which involve the injection of water-binding chemicals.

These are approaches that can be put into action more quickly, but they are not permanent solutions. A permanent prosthesis that requires surgery for implantation, these breasts are made to look, feel, and move much like a natural breast would. They are a type of prosthesis.

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