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Antalya, Turkey is home to the Alara Health Group, a private medical facility that offers a wide range of medical specialties. Urology, sexology, and plastic surgery are the specialties that this team is committed to. Only patients above the age of 18 are seen at the clinic. Patients most frequently come to the clinic from the countries that are members of the Arab League, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Europe. The network’s mission is to provide help in the field of healthcare in order to encourage medical tourism. They take great pleasure in being able to provide easily accessible medical procedures of the highest possible quality at prices that are significantly lower than the prices for comparable procedures performed in industrialized countries. In 2017, Dr. Cem Ozluk, an expert in urology, along with a group of US-trained physicians, established Alara Health Group with the goal of constructing an amazing healthcare network at prices that are more affordable. Patients are given the opportunity to enjoy Turkey’s hospitality, cuisine, and culture as part of the network’s objective to offer them with an extraordinary experience throughout their stay in Turkey and to allow them the chance to do so.

Why Alara Health Group

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As a result of their extensive history in the industry, illustrious roster of surgeons, high standards of treatment, and competitive prices, Alara Health Group is able to instill a sense of confidence in their patients regarding the reliability of the health care system. Their mission is to assist their patients in acquiring the most effective therapies possible at prices that are affordable to them. They collaborate with the most prestigious hospitals, medical professionals, and distinctive and comfortable healthcare facilities that have received JCI accreditation. Simply inform them of your problem and leave everything else in their hands; they will organize everything to meet your specifications in the most effective manner possible.

Alara Health Group Services

Their trained team will make all of the necessary arrangements to deliver the greatest medical package possible in Turkey’s hotels and hospitals that are of the highest quality. They make it a priority to guarantee that all of their patients have a pleasant stay at the hospital and enjoy their time in Turkey without suffering from feelings of homesickness. It seems like Alara Health Group might be a wonderful choice for you if you are interested in receiving treatment that is effective while also being treated with luxury.


A significant number of Alara Health Group’s patients come from both outside of the province and from other countries in order to have surgical procedures done at their facility. In addition to arranging lodging and transportation for the patient’s pre- and post-operative needs, they provide consultations for the patient over Skype. If a patient will be traveling for their cosmetic, aesthetic, reconstructive, or bariatric surgeries, their patient coordinator is always available to assist them in planning their medical trip. This includes helping them determine where they will stay and what transportation options are available. After surgery, it is in everyone’s best interest at Alara Health Group for them to remain local for a few days. The length of time needed for recovery after surgery in their facility is, however, contingent on the nature of the procedure.

Hair transplant

Technique and procedure hair transplant with Alara Health Group

Organic FUE Hair Transplantation

Our innovative hair transplant procedure, crafted in the state-of-the-art laboratories of INTERNATIONAL AESTHETIC, introduces a cutting-edge approach. This method involves injecting a proprietary blend of rejuvenating fat cell-based tissues, sourced directly from the patient’s body, into the targeted scalp area.

The transformative impact of this tissue injection revitalizes the recipient site, significantly enhancing the viability of transplanted hair. By fostering cell regeneration in the target zone through the infusion of fresh sub-surface tissue prior to FUE transplantation, we achieve a remarkable increase in growth rate and the development of thicker hair follicles.

Post-surgery, a protective bandage is applied to the donor area, only to be removed after a brief 3-day period. Patients receive detailed guidance on specific post-operative care products to optimize the healing process. While some shedding of newly transplanted hair is a natural occurrence starting from the 3rd week, this signals the initiation of the hair transplant cycle. Subsequent to this phase, new hair growth becomes apparent around the 3rd month, with the final, impressive results manifesting themselves in a complete transformation after 9 months.

Moustache Transplant

Some men are genetically predisposed to have thin facial hair or little facial hair. Men who have suffered facial injuries or trauma resulting in scarring may also have reduced facial hair growth. In Turkey, mustache transplantation is an extremely popular procedure to stimulate hair growth in the upper lip area. Suitable candidates for moustache transplantation are men who have no facial hair, little facial hair, or have suffered a trauma that inhibits facial hair growth. If you do not have enough facial hair due to genetic factors, acne scarring or injury, facial hair transplantation may be a suitable solution for you. The aim of mustache transplantation is to stimulate hair growth through hair follicle unit transplantation to transfer hair follicle cells and achieve natural growth. Clumps of hair are taken from areas of intense hair growth and transplanted into the mustache area. During the healing process, the target area will start to heal without leaving any scars after a week or ten days. The hair/hair transplanted to the mustache area is indistinguishable from the patient’s original hair/hair appearance. The results are natural and permanent.

Beard Transformation through FUE Method

Young man with beard Transformation through FUE Method

Utilizing the advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, individual hair follicles extracted from the nape area are meticulously transplanted to the beard and mustache region. This procedure ensures that the transplanted hair maintains its original characteristics. Given the common desire among patients for a fuller beard and mustache, there is often a preference for intensive transplantation.

It’s important to note that while intensive transplantation may fulfill aesthetic goals, it can potentially diminish the likelihood of achieving optimal treatment results.

Post-beard transplantation, temporary redness may manifest on the skin for a few weeks, a normal consequence of the procedure. This discoloration, however, is transient and typically disappears completely within 2-3 weeks. Additionally, shock shedding is a common occurrence after each transplant session, with hair loss observed within 2 weeks. It’s crucial to understand that this shock loss is a natural part of the process and not a cause for concern. All lost hair is expected to regrow within 4 to 6 months, ultimately leading to the desired appearance of the beard transplantation area over the course of 2 years.


A few hours following their procedure, many patients of Alara Health Group enjoy going shopping and dining out in public. It is to their organization’s great advantage that their workplace is situated in a highly desirable area, one that features a large number of excellent dining establishments, a variety of retail establishments, a picturesque harbor, and an abundance of alternatives for enjoyable vacation.

Address: Kızlar Pınarı, Uğurlu Sk. No:3, 07700 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey


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