The Best Haircut Ideas to Flatter Your Round Face

The Best Haircut Ideas to Flatter Your Round Face

If you’re searching for haircut ideas for your round face, you should know that you’re one out of many thousands looking. While some people will tell you there are limited styles to choose from, there’s no truth. Instead, there’s an abundant list of haircuts you can try out that are perfect for your round face shape.

Round face shapes are characterized by equal dimensions of both the length and width of the face. The hairline is also circular down to the jawline, and there’s a degree of plumpness on the face. If you look into the mirror and find similarities between this description and your face, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll suggest different ideas to Flatter your round face and accentuate the beauty. You can even alternate these styles from time to time to constantly show the best features of your face.

Haircut Ideas for Round Faces

Round Faces are naturally simple and beautiful. But you can enhance this simplicity and beauty with the following are haircut ideas that’ll elongate the face:

1. Long, Sleek, and Glossy Haircuts

If you’re looking to stretch the length of your face, long straight hairs are the perfect cuts to opt for. They are trendy, feminine, and flirty such that any style you rock in this category will naturally correct the seeming imbalance in the shape of your face. In addition, it’ll frame your face by creating an illusion of a skimmed chin and reduced cheekbones.

What more can a person with a round face ask for? Low maintenance! Long and straight haircuts aren’t difficult to maintain, especially if there’s a decent addition of layers to its volume. Once your stylist has set the foundation of the hair, the only time you may have to visit the salon is when you want to change the style.

And for long hairstyles, there are so many options to try out. You can have loose curly hair with side bangs; longer haircuts with curtain bangs, sleek hair with bangs; brightening layers, long layers; beachy waves; bouncy layers; center-parted upkeep, and many more.


2. Topknots

If you keep your hair long, you can try out a topknot. It’s also an efficient styling pattern that lengthens a round face. The bun at the top serves as a good distraction from the plumpness of the face to the top of the hair. It can be simple, and if you’re more adventurous, you can have it as messy as you want.

The deal is to look as delectable as possible while concealing unwanted features on your face. Topknots will do this without any hassle; that’s why it’s become a go-to for so many women. It’s also a good option during summer because dealing with hair sticking on the face can be frustrating.

Topknots are also versatile and fit whatever occasion, aligning with the personality you intend to project. All you need to do is just ass layers to enhance the volume of your hair. It is easily styled and may not require the services of a stylist.

3. Blunt Bangs

There’s a common misconception that round faces can’t have sharp haircuts with heavy bangs. This is false, and you only need a skilful hairdresser and stylist to pull it off. It’s an incredible haircut for round faces, which can either be short or long. But no matter the length, you’ll be the center of attention if you add a layered long bob “lob” to it.

Instead of allowing it to fall right across the head, your stylist should arch the falling hair to create an upward curve. If this is perfected, creating the illusion of a long face becomes effortless. Of course, you have to get the right styling pattern and detailed cut.

Bangs are bold, and they are classy. Of course, you can have them styled differently, but the best styling pattern for bangs suitable for round faces is the side bangs. With its angles, there’s an added length to the face such that it’ll seem like all the roundness vanished drastically.

4. Messy Braids

There’s a need to reconstruct ideas concerning haircuts for round faces. Some people who aren’t well informed and have only tried limited styles say messy braids are a bad choice for round faces, which is a lie. Messy braids are sleek, but they are also sexy and far more durable than most styles.

You can always go to bed with the assurance that you’ll see it as good as ever when you wake. You can have it side styled like a fishtail, double styled at the back, a half-up pull through, balayage braid, boho braids, tousled braids at the side, regular half-up, dutch fishtail, double dutch ponytail with braids, and so many more.

These are styling patterns you can look up and fix for yourself no matter the occasion. They’ll show the best features of your face, and you’ll always get it right. But, of course, if there’s a more difficult one you want to try, you can then request your stylist’s services.

5. Choppy Lob

Like many other haircuts for round faces, a choppy lob also adds height to the face creating an elongated appearance. If you have a round face, but your hair is thin, it’ll be best to try out other haircuts for a round face because a choppy lob doesn’t add volume to the hair. The length of the lob is slightly above the shoulder, giving a much-needed balance to the face.

It also covers the cheeks to hide unwanted contours on the face naturally. It’s styled in multiple ways with tousled texture, highlights, straight, asymmetrical, pixie bangs, A-line, etc. It’s also low maintenance and can be styled back to shape with a good brush if it scatters.


Imagining a haircut idea is good, but what’s best is confirming if it’ll be suitable for your face shape. As a person with a round shape, you should always get these ideas right, and this article has suggested those you can create at any time.

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