Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Thailand

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Thailand

There used to be an intense level of frustration amongst people experiencing hair loss because of the difficulty in finding a lasting solution. As a result, many use their scarce resources to hide the damaging impact of their hair loss condition. Fortunately, the time has changed because any individual facing hair loss today can get a hair transplant which is becoming an ideal solution.

However, getting a hair transplant isn’t as easy as walking into a pharmacy to get medications. First, you have to know where you’re having the surgery and ensure you choose competent surgeons who have the knowledge, skill, experience, and composure to perform a successful surgery. Once you check these boxes, everything for your operation gets easier.

If you’ve decided to join thousands of medical tourists who choose Thailand as their hair transplant destination, and you need suggestions on the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the country, this is where you’ll find out. Here, we’ll examine what hair transplant entails in Thailand and suggest some of the leading clinics and surgeons you can check out. So please keep reading to discover it all.

Hair Transplant in Thailand

According to a report conducted in 2020, Thailand is ranked the fourth-best hair transplant country in the world. Many people from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia travel there to enjoy the outstanding quality of hair transplant services given at a fraction of the price they pay in their respective countries. They even get the chance to convert their trips into a proper vacation, a benefit they’ll hardly get elsewhere.

So this shows the ranking is not a fluke; rather, it’s a product of growth in the country’s medical tourism, an industry valued at around $600 million in 2018. In addition, the country boasts thousands of excellent hair transplant surgeons who have impressive qualifications and experience in hair transplants. These surgeons are frontrunners in the industry due to their innovative development of newer hair transplant techniques that solve hair loss conditions, all of which are done in facilities on the same level as those in Europe and America.

Be assured that you’ll have an amazing hair transplant experience when you travel to Thailand for the operation. But as we mentioned earlier, this operation must be done by the best in the field. So to help you streamline your search, we’ll suggest some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the country.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Thailand

You can select any of the following clinics and their surgeon for your hair transplant in Thailand:

1. The Hairsmith Clinic – Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn

The Hairsmith Clinic

The Hairsmith Clinic is a leading hair transplant clinic specializing in professional hair restoration treatment in Bangkok. If you aim to choose a clinic that combines manual proficiency with automated efficiency, The Hairsmith Clinic is your best choice in Thailand. Despite having industry-leading specialists, the clinic still leverages technological tools to give every patient the best hair restoration treatment.

They carefully document every detail patients give during the consultation to offer services that match patients’ expectations. That’s exactly why only surgeons handle consultations to avoid any loss of information or poor interpretation that may arise when there’s a middleman. This clinic is committed solely to patient care, and you can choose them for your hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Tossaborvorn, the lead surgeon, is a certified member of the profession who uses a proven and safe technique in all her operations. She, along with other specialists within the clinic, offers the FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques. And they’ve recorded 100% success in over 1000 operations. They also perform scalp micropigmentation for those whose conditions don’t require a transplant.

2. DHT Clinic – Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich

DHT Clinic

DHT Clinic is one of the oldest hair transplant clinics in Thailand. They are one of the few clinics that have transitioned perfectly from using only conventional hair transplant techniques to combining them with modern techniques without losing efficiency. Their focus is to offer patients enough effective options to resolve their hair loss conditions.

The clinic is a member of various reputable organizations in charge of hair restoration surgery, like the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS), the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), etc. With more than 25years of experience in the industry, DHT Clinic has performed thousands of successful hair transplant operations using either FUE or FUT techniques. In addition, they also offer other cosmetic procedures that include scalp micropigmentation, eyebrow, beard/mustache transplant, chest hair transplant, etc.

Dr. Pathomvanich is supported by other excellent physicians like Dr. Tueboon Sriphojanart, Dr. Pasu Piamphongsant, and many other trained nurses. So if you choose them for your hair restoration treatment, you’ll certainly get the best treatment and results.

3. Thailand Hair Transplant Center – Dr. Suradej Pong

Thai Hair Clinic

THTC is another clinic in Thailand offering amazing hair restoration treatment to people suffering from hair loss. They are a clinic that is committed to ensuring patients receive deserved attention and care. The clinic understands the value of its hair transplant result on their clinic, so they consistently strive to give the best always.

Dr. Pong, one of the best surgeons in the country, leads all surgical procedures the clinic offers. These procedures include FUT and FUE treatments and medical prescriptions. He’s been practicing for over two decades and has recorded thousands of successful operations with satisfying results.

THTC offers only approved and standardized procedures. The clinic and its staff understand the place for patients’ safety and guard it well. The clinic is well-furnished with the right tools that make treatment easier for the patients and performance efficiency for the surgeon.

The Cost of Hair Transplants in Thailand

Although the cost of a hair transplant varies depending on factors like the nature of the patient’s hair loss, the technique they want to use, the skills of the surgeon, and the standard of the clinic. But when we put all these into consideration in Thailand, the minimum cost of a hair transplant is around $3,000, and the maximum price is around $8,000.


Hair transplant in Thailand promises so much adventure, fun, and, most importantly, a natural-looking hair restoration. Examine each of the clinics mentioned here and do personal research before choosing. Good luck!

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