Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Madrid

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Madrid

When you’re experiencing baldness, hair thinning, or any other symptom that points towards hair loss, and you visit a trichologist or dermatologist for solutions, the chances are high that they’ll recommend treatments like Minoxidil (Rogaine), Finasteride (Propecia), and microneedling. They may even go as far as recommending hair transplants, low-level laser therapy, and PRP injections. While each of these treatments is good in its ways, the most effective is hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is a unique surgical treatment that involves the removal of grafts from an area of the head and the implantation of these grafts on bald areas of the head. It’s an impressive and long-lasting surgical treatment that offers the most appealing results. The only condition is that the surgery must be performed by a proven and trusted doctor.

So if you’re in Spain, hoping to have your hair transplant in Madrid, and you’re searching for the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the city, this post is tailor-made for you. Here, we will explore what it means to have a hair transplant in Madrid; then, we will indicate some of the highly-rated doctors and the clinics they operate under. We’ll also tell you how much hair transplant costs in the capital and the factors that influence the cost.

Hair Transplant in Madrid – What You Should Expect

Having a hair transplant surgery in Madrid is undeniably a great decision. Being the capital of Spain, Madrid is a thriving ultramodern city at the forefront of globalization. It attracts so many tourists from all over the world who visit for various purposes because of its beautiful socio-cultural and economic life.

The high standard of healthcare in the country is most evident in the city because it’s the base of many clinics that have the best doctors. This standard is transmitted to other areas like the cosmetic industry to provide aesthetic treatments. Every clinic, particularly those offering hair transplant services, prioritize quality care delivery.

So if you’re having your transplant in Spain, you stand a good chance of receiving the best care you’ll get in any other location globally. The hair transplant clinics in Madrid offer the latest procedures that help people with different hair loss conditions get the right solution. They also combine numerous old and modern instruments that help doctors achieve desired results for all hair transplant techniques they perform.

However, the fact that many clinics are offering this doesn’t mean there aren’t some others offering services below standard. So you have to avoid these substandard clinics as much as you can, and the best way to do that is to select the best clinics and doctors in the city. To get that done, you should go through our suggestions.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Madrid

The following are some of the most exceptional hair transplant clinics and their doctors in Madrid:

1. CapilClinic – Dr. Álex Neme


If you’re looking for the leading hair restoration clinic in Spain, especially in Madrid, CapilClinic is your first option. The clinic is unique in terms of its approach to treating hair loss patients. This approach involves an individualized treatment that involves intensive hair analysis and an in-depth deliberation on the perfect treatment for the hair loss condition.

With the experiences of a team of industry-leading specialists, the clinic gets the treatment right. Their review suggests the level of satisfaction their patients enjoy, and you can enjoy the same by booking a consultation with them free of charge. They focus on modern hair transplant techniques like the FUE technique, sapphire FUE, and DHI technique. You can also get a stem cell treatment in the clinic.

Dr. Álex Neme leads all surgical activities in the clinic. She’s a well-experienced hair transplant doctor that’s based in Madrid. She specializes in sapphire FUE transplants, which she has successfully performed on different patients with arrays of hair loss conditions. You can also get her services by booking a consultation with CapilClinic today.

2. Inspaya Hair Clinic – Dr. Javier Pedraz

Insparya Madrid

Inspaya Hair Clinic is an international hair transplant clinic based in Madrid. The clinic offers all its patients elite services tailored to meet their hair needs. With over 13 years of experience, the clinic has performed over 45,000 successful and satisfactory procedures. They run all hair restoration treatments in their facility, which has over 77 operating rooms, each of which is furnished with the latest equipment.

The clinic provides surgical and non-surgical procedures to broaden the treatment options for their patients. For the former, they offer the latest FUE transplant. While for the latter, they offer treatments like hair mesotherapy, low-frequency laser treatment, PRP injections, and capillary micropigmentation. They’ll explore any of these most appropriate treatments for your condition.

Dr. Pedraz leads the surgical and non-surgical procedures offered in Inspaya Hair Clinic. He is vast in hair restoration treatments and always ensures patients get deserved treatment. Despite offering the most honest medical opinions during the consultation, he doesn’t pressurize patients to make any decisions. So you can book an appointment with him today.

3. Microfue Clinic – Roberto Capomazza


Microfue is another top-notch hair transplant clinic in Madrid that has been offering hair restoration treatments for over 10 years. The clinic has performed several procedures on over 20,000 patients, and they are known to offer the safest and most satisfactory treatments. With the commitment to offer hair loss patients unrivaled treatment, you stand to benefit a lot from choosing Microfue as your hair transplant clinic in Madrid.

At Microfue, you get a ten years guarantee of natural-looking transplanted hair that’ll give you all the confidence you have lost in your appearance. In addition, the clinic offers standard and most modern hair transplant procedures like the FUE method and the DHI transplant method. They’ve used these techniques on different people from different nationalities and walks of life, so you have nothing to worry about when you choose them.

The clinic is directed by Roberto Capomazza, who, out of the satisfactory hair transplant result he got decided to open a clinic that offers the same, even more, to as many people as possible. Given how motivated he is, he constantly incorporates new techniques that make the outcomes of hair transplant surgery even better. You can book a consultation with him to confirm all of his reputation and expertise in hair transplantation.

4. Instituto Medico Del Prado – Dr. Espinosa Custodio

Instituo médico del prado in Madrid

When you step into this clinic’s facility in Madrid, you’ll realize how standard they are in terms of the infrastructure, adapted to suit patients’ comfort. But that’s not all there is to the clinic. This high infrastructural standard is also matched with high-quality care delivery. The evidence of this quality of care is evident in the satisfactory results they’ve given thousands of patients from all over the globe.

The clinic is a member of numerous reputable organizations dealing with quality hair restoration services. They are registered locally and internationally, so you don’t have anything to doubt about their services. Instituto Medico Del Prado offers FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques that are modern but highly effective. They also give patients other hair restoration procedures like capillary mesotherapy, capillary carboxytherapy, capillary PRP, micropigmentation, and stem cell treatments.

All of these treatments mentioned above are overseen by Dr. Custodio, the lead doctor in the clinic. He’s a highly trained surgeon with multiple degrees to his name and many years of experience, which he has constantly put to practice. He is very professional at what he does and doesn’t go against the ethical demands of his line of work. In addition, he’s warm towards his patients and offers them the best possible care at all times.

5. Imema Clinic – Dr. Eduardo Lopez

Imema Hair Transplant Madrid

If you’re searching for a clinic that leverages the potency of cutting-edge technology to enhance the results of manual craftsmanship, Imema clinic is the place to be. The clinic is a modern and outstanding aesthetic clinic offering hair transplant services. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they know which path to thread to give you the most appropriate solution to your hair loss.

The clinic offers exquisite preoperative and post-operative hair care to all the patients that have undergone their hair restoration services. This idea is to give every person holistic treatment irrespective of their hair loss condition. Therefore, every patient’s case is prioritized to the letter. Therefore, they don’t go beyond two cases daily for quality assurance purposes.

Dr. Lopez, the main doctor in the clinic, always brings his wealth of experience to all medical treatments in the clinic. He’s one of the oldest and most reputable hair transplant surgeons in the country who approaches regenerative care with high flexibility. He performs the FUE technique and uses ARTAS robotics to achieve the highest precision in all surgical procedures. Check them out today to confirm the known facts about the quality of the clinic and its doctor.

6. Elithair – Dr. Balwi


Elithair is another large and reputable hair transplant clinic with one of its branches in Madrid. The clinic is one of the few that offers various hair transplant techniques. In addition, the clinic is one of a kind in terms of incorporating comfort suites in the same building. As a patient, you don’t have to stress to relax after your surgery.

The clinic is a game-changer as they have taken hair restoration treatment to the next level. That’s why they have a significant number of referrals from patients who have undergone their treatments. The clinic alternates between several techniques depending on the hair needs of each patient. These techniques include FUE, DHI, SDHI, percutaneous technique, NEO-FUE, and PRP treatments.

All these treatments are performed by the world-famous Dr. Balwi, who is vast in hair restoration treatments and understands the sophistication and demands of the field. He ensures every patient gets deserving treatment because he knows how harsh hair loss can affect appearance and self-confidence. You can book an appointment with him by going through the clinic’s page.

The Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery in Madrid

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Madrid is not fixed and cannot be easily determined. But while doing our research, we have realized that it is usually between €4,000 to €12,000. The uncertainty in the cost means you have to ask the amount the clinic you choose charges before beginning your treatment.

Certain factors influence the cost of hair transplants in Madrid, and these factors include the following:

Standard of the Clinic and Doctor you Choose

Choosing a highly reputable clinic means you’re assured of the best outcome, and this assurance affects the price you pay. You can’t expect them to charge the same as other regular clinics because what they sell is quality.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The transplant procedure you choose requires a different level of intensity and skills. That’s why they cost differently. In other words, the cost of FUE is different from FUT, ARTAS robotics, etc.

Your Hair Loss

If your hair loss isn’t severe, you may have to only pay the regular cost of the procedure. But if it is, you’ll have to pay more than the regular sum. So the extent of hair loss tells on the amount charged.

The Grafts and Sessions

While some patients would typically use 1,000 grafts, others may require up to 3,000 grafts. The more the number of grafts, the more the sessions required to transplant them, and the more you pay.

The most important thing about all these factors is that you must be aware of them before beginning your procedure. This allows you to be sure whether the financial commitment is worthy.

Final Words

For you to get the hair you’ve always imagined using a hair transplant surgery, you have to pick any of the best doctors. As we have recommended some of them in Madrid, do well to make the right choice. This goes a long way in determining the results of your hair transplant.

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