Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Dubai

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Dubai

Hair loss has numerous causative agents, some of which are avoidable while others aren’t. However, the fact remains that whatever causes yours may be difficult to terminate if you don’t address it with a potent treatment option. As there’s been an increase in surgical procedures like hair transplants to terminate hair loss, it may be the best option for you.

It is strong enough to render those causes powerless such that you’ll permanently have a full head of hair for a long time. However, maximizing the potential of this treatment rests on whoever conducts it. That is, for you to have a great hair transplant treatment that offers the most desired result, a seasoned doctor must perform the surgery.

So if you’re in Dubai or intend to travel there, and you’re looking for the best hair transplant clinics and their doctors, you’re at the best place to find out. This article will discuss how hair transplant is in Dubai and recommend places to go to have the procedure done. So please keep scrolling to find out.

Hair Transplant in Dubai

It’s common knowledge that the UAE is a highly developed country thriving on all fronts. It’s slowly becoming a model state with many ultra-modern cities like Dubai, which has become a preferred center for many people that are expats and locals. Healthcare in the country, much like in Dubai, has a high standard with highly developed infrastructures.

This standard also permeates the cosmetic industry in performing procedures like hair transplants. The city has world-class modern hair transplant clinics run by industry-leading doctors. Many of these doctors are vast in applying varieties of hair transplant procedures without any complications.

Every local and expat that has had their hair transplant in the city has always spoken highly of the quality of care and the beauty of results achieved. So you’re bound to do the same if you select the right clinic and doctor. While this selection may be a little tricky, we are here to help you.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Dubai

You can select one of the following clinics and doctors in Dubai for your hair transplant surgery:

1. Tunio Aesthetics – Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio

Tunio aesthetics hair transplant in Dubai

Tunio Aesthetics is a leading hair transplant clinic in Dubai offering comprehensive hair treatment to people experiencing hair loss. The clinic puts safety at the fore of all its surgical and non-surgical engagements. With close to two decades of excellent practice in hair restoration, the clinic has everything it takes to give you that desired look with full hair.

Having conducted over 20,000 successful operations, the clinic has created a wide network of satisfied customers from different countries of the world, some of which have paid back with referrals and good reviews. At Tunio Aesthetics, you’ll enjoy the latest tools in hair transplant that’ll give maximum density with unmatched results. The clinic focuses on the FUSS and FUE hair transplant techniques.

With Dr. Tunio at the front of all surgical operations in the clinic, you’ll be under the care of one of the best hair transplant doctors in the country. He has dedicated most of his life to pursuing his passion for offering solutions to people suffering hair loss. He is supported by a team of trained specialists who share similar passion and commitment.

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2. Proto Clinic – Dr. Wissam Adada

Protoclinic hair transplant

Proto clinic is another highly rated hair transplant clinic in Dubai using innovative treatments to help people restore lost hair. The clinic is sought after due to the proven excellence of its specialists and the state-of-the-art instruments that are in their world-class facility. In addition, the clinic’s commitment to every patient’s care reflects brightly in its success story.

Proto offers a personalized treatment that shows the approach of the lead surgeon, Dr. Adada, towards hair restoration. Dr. Adada believes hair restoration treatment must be holistic, involving an internal and external treatment that addresses the root cause of the condition and stimulate growth after the cause has been terminated. He’s a trusted surgeon with many years of experience, and you can benefit from his expertise if you choose the clinic.

The clinic offers two primary hair transplant procedures – FUE and FUE transplant. These procedures are available for both men and women suffering hair loss. In addition, they also offer hair treatment and other cosmetic procedures like beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, etc.

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3. Alborj Hair Clinic – Dr. Ziakas

Alborj Hair Transplant

Alborj Hair Clinic is another elite hair restoration center in Dubai, offering exceptional services for quite a while. With over 3,500 successful operations, the clinic is gradually becoming a force of reckoning in the country and the industry. The clinic focuses on individualized patient care that involves consultation, procedure, and after-procedure follow-ups.

Every aspect of their operation is handled by Dr.Ziakas, one of the most experienced hair transplant doctors in Dubai. He is an expert in the follicular unit extraction technique and has helped many people regain their confidence and hair using the technique. He is professional in all his dealings, and he observes all safety precautions during surgery.

Alborj Hair Clinic is furnished with modern tools that help in giving patients the best services. These tools are used for analysis during the consultation and implantation during surgery. You can send a consultation booking today to check them out.

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How Much is Hair Transplant in Dubai?

The cost of hair transplants in Dubai, as in many places, depends on the number of grafts the patient’s hair loss requires and the number of sittings that would be enough to implant the grafts. However, when we combine all factors influencing the price, hair transplant is between AED 12,000 and AED 60,000 in Dubai. Most clinics have cost options, so you can find out the options offered by those we’ve recommended.


Dubai is one of the nicest places to be in the world, whether for treatment or vacation. So if you’re having your hair transplant there, be sure that it’ll be wholesome, especially if you choose the best clinic and surgeon.

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