Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Barcelona

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Barcelona

In the past, a perfect physical appearance used to be the stuff of imagination. But thankfully, today, given the giant developmental strides in aesthetic procedures, every individual can acquire a great deal of perfection in all body parts like liposuction, facelift, photorejuvenation, cheek and lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, hair transplant, and many others. This means, you can positively alter all parts of your body and still get natural and long-lasting results. It has just been a matter of want and priority.

As far as the hair is concerned, you can have a hair transplant to get that perfect hair shape and density. But this surgery, more like others, requires the proficiency of trained doctors. So when you want to have yours, you must commit it to the right professionals who will confidently put their skills and experience to practice to get that perfect hairline and hair density.

So if you’re in Barcelona or hoping to go there for this procedure, and you’re looking for varieties of the best hair transplant doctors and their clinics, this post is yours to read. This post will briefly discuss why Barcelona is an ideal place to have a hair transplant, and it’ll recommend some of the best practitioners in the city and show how much they cost for their hair restoration treatments. So please read till the end to find out.

Hair Transplant in Barcelona – Patients’ Expectations

Barcelona is a thriving modern city in Spain and one of the best places globally. However, unlike many other cities, Barcelona hasn’t sprawled. Instead, it has always undergone intentional planning that prioritizes all important areas of human life, one of which is healthcare. As a result, the city takes a lot from the high standard of care the country is reputable for.

This standard is maintained even in cosmetic procedures like hair transplants. The city has a host of world-class hair transplant clinics and doctors who offer every individual requiring hair loss solutions the most deserving care. You’ll get even the most popular hair transplant procedures performed with the latest technological tools in the city at a pocket-friendly price.

The quest for many of these clinics and their doctors is to help many people overcome the frustration caused by hair loss. And truthfully, many of them have been successful in doing so and have been rewarded with local and international recognition. As a result, there’s a high level of quality assurance when you have your hair transplant in this city.

You can always double your medical treatment with a good vacation because the city has so many side attractions like the Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, Casa Battlo, Parc de Montjuic, and many others. These are some of the expectations you can have for a hair transplant in Barcelona. However, to make this treatment a very memorable one, you have to choose one of the best doctors in the city. While this choice can be tricky because of many of them, we’ll suggest some of the best.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Barcelona

The best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Barcelona include the following:

1. CapilClinic – Dr. Álex Neme

Capilclinic Barcelona

Álex Neme Cirujano

One of the core values that has distinguished CapilClinic as the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona and Spain is the unrivaled commitment to helping patients eliminate hair loss. There’s a great deal of empathy from the staff towards patients due to the knowledge of how psychologically draining hair loss can be. So they convert this empathy into offering the most professional and effective hair restoration service.

The clinic offers modern hair transplant techniques that have proven effective in realizing natural results and meeting patients’ expectations. These techniques include the minimally invasive FUE transplant and the DHI transplant. In addition, the clinic also offers stem cell therapy to patients who cannot undergo surgical treatments. These are some of the best options in the industry, and they provide them without hassle.

Dr. Álex Neme oversees all regenerative hair treatments in the clinic at the Barcelona branch. He is a renowned surgeon who combines youthfulness with professionalism to give patients his best output. He observes ethical protocols and only uses proven methods. He has also helped thousands of people recover lost hair, so you can trust him to also help you restore yours with your self-confidence as an add-on.

2. HTI Clinic – Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell

HTI Clinic Barcelona

HTI Clinic is one of the best hair restoration centers in Barcelona. The clinic has created a solid reputation for quality and professional services tailored to fit every patient’s needs. They understand the place of discretion in matters involving hair restoration, so for them, it is non-negotiable. While many patients are comfortable with their faces on the clinic’s review page, they don’t broadcast it without patients’ consent.

The clinic creates a good support system that guides every patient every step of the way towards their full hair restoration. This system is evident in their preoperative and post-operative care treatments. With many years of experience in this field, you can trust them to help you regain your lost hair, whether you’re a man or a woman.

The clinic focuses on the FUE procedure directed by Dr. Carandell, an outstanding hair transplant specialist. He is supported by other seasoned specialists like Dr. Andres Gonzalez, Dr. Rogelio Argueta, Claudia Rivera, and Christina Table. The clinic has been able to use these professionals’ combined skills and expertise to help as many people as possible overcome their hair loss issues. They are a great clinic to contact for yours.

3. Hair Forever – Dr. Sobre Nosotros

Hair forever

Hair Forever is a leading clinic in Barcelona offering trichological treatment. The clinic is a modern hair restoration center that recognizes the place of “image” in the social demand of our age. They leverage the potency of aesthetic medicine to help as many people as possible get that perfect image. The clinic prioritizes patients’ satisfaction in all its dealings, so you can be confident you’ll be at the center of all their activities if you choose them.

The surgical procedures provided in the clinic include FUE transplants and DHI transplantation. They combine it with hair mesotherapy depending on each patient’s condition. With an experienced team of specialists who perform extensive hair restoration, no hair loss condition is too big for them to handle. You can go through their testimonials to gain insight into the quality of their services.

Dr. Sobre Nosotros directs surgical and non-surgical procedures in the clinic. He’s one of the country’s gems in aesthetic medicine and has constantly repaid this recognition with consistent and qualitative hair restoration treatments. Every patient that has been under his care has always spoken highly of his professional yet familiar approach to hair restoration.

4. Injertos Capilares FUE – Dr. Hans Heinicke

Dr. Hans Heinicke Barcelona

Dr. Heinicke Injertos Capilares FUE clinic is another clinic that has set an excellent precedent in hair restoration treatments in Barcelona in terms of the thousands of successful procedures he has performed. The clinic is trusted and has leveraged this trust to extend its network in other cities in Spain like Bilbao and Madrid. The clinic has gained so many referrals from previous patients due to the outstanding care.

They offer 100% natural-looking results through proven procedures like FUE hair transplant and other treatments like hair mesotherapy, using modern tools like dermaroller and iGrow laser. The clinic’s facility in Barcelona is adapted to modern standards that prioritize patients’ comfort. You’ll almost feel like receiving your treatment at home with them.

Their procedures are directed by Dr. Heinicke, a trusted hair restoration service provider in Barcelona. He’s a member of many reputable hair restoration organizations and has 10 years of solid experience in the industry. He oversees all consultations and provides personalized treatment to all his patients.

5. Medical Hair Institute – Dr. Hernando Baquero Polished

Medical Hair Institute

Medical hair institute is another outstanding clinic offering extensive hair restoration treatments in Barcelona. The clinic edges out many of its competitors by using technological tools to resolve patients’ hair loss conditions. There are more than enough effective options for every patient to explore in this clinic, depending on the suitable requirements for their condition.

The clinic uses biofibre implantation, a unique and alternative technique that’s sometimes combined with the primary hair transplant techniques. They also offer genetic tests to determine the underlying cause of hair loss and attack it from its roots. In addition, they offer hair mesotherapy – using vitamins and dutasteride – stem cell treatment, PRP therapy, and, best of all, FUE hair transplant.

The clinic is a perfect fit for anyone who wants definite treatments offered by the best specialists. Dr. Hernando Baquero Polished is the chief surgeon in the clinic. He has various degrees in aesthetic medicine and has put all knowledge acquired to good use through consistent and successful procedures offered in the clinic. So you’ll certainly get that desired solution if you choose Medical Hair Institute for your hair transplant.

6. Dr. Michalis Hair Transplant – Dr. Michalis Georgiou

Dr. Michalis Hair Transplant - Dr. Michalis Georgiou

Dr. Michalis Hair Transplant clinic offers exceptional hair transplant services in Barcelona. The clinic and doctors are respected for the thousands of successful surgeries. That’s why they enjoy a good number of referrals from hairstylists, hairdressers, and beauticians all over the country. They also have an extensive network of clinics in other countries, which shows how successful they are in this business.

The clinic offers all the latest hair transplant treatments, including the FUE and FUT unshaved methods. This method is complex and requires the expertise of trained specialists, many of whom only perform the regular FUT and FUE procedures. The clinic also repairs scars from botched operations or accidents such that the result will be as natural and unnoticeable as possible.

With them, you have nothing to worry about in the outcome of all procedures because they are all conducted by Dr. Georgiou himself. He’s an experienced doctor who has put many years into offering patients the best possible care. He observes all safety precautions in his treatments and only gives proven solutions no matter how complex the condition is.

From all these recommendations, CapilClinic stands out in all areas, and they are a preferred choice for many local and international patients. You can book a consultation with them to confirm the standard they are known for.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Barcelona

You’ll pay between €3,000 – €10,000 for hair transplant surgery in Barcelona. This cost is determined by several factors that depend on the patient and the clinic. For the clinic, the standard of care they offer always determines the charges they give patients. Secondly, the quality of the doctors in the clinic also affects the cost because a renowned surgeon will charge a slightly higher sum than a regular surgeon.

On the patient’s part, the cost is determined by the extent of hair loss, the technique chosen, the number of grafts that’ll be enough to cover the hair loss and the sessions it’ll take. All these considerations must be determined before commencing treatment with any surgeon.

Do Clinics in Barcelona Charge for Aftercare?

Aftercare treatment is an important phase of your hair restoration that mustn’t be taken with levity. It’s as important as the surgery itself because it helps you avoid infections that may complicate the growth of transplanted grafts. So it would be best if you prioritized it.

Apart from that, it also influences the price you pay because while some clinics charge separately for it, others add it to the full package, and others don’t charge at all. All you have to do is confirm the situation with your clinic and surgeon before taking the treatment.


While many people are buzzed about traveling to the capital for even the littlest thing, you can save yourself from spending more than necessary by having an equally good hair transplant treatment in Barcelona. In addition, you can use this post as a comprehensive guide for your decision on the clinic to choose for your hair transplant surgery.

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